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Since 2013, I have been working for a publishing company which prints bulletins, newsletters, and directories for churches in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Tennessee.  The publishing costs are completely defrayed by advertisement.  These ads are typically very small, but specifically targeted.  They may be black and white, one color, or full color.  This creates a good value for the advertiser, but also presents several challenges to me, the designer.  For ease of viewing, the ads are presented here much larger than their original print dimensions.  Click the image to enter expanded mode for a description of the color and size specifications.

Mortgage Options Lending
Hausfeld Motors
Sundown Gardens
State Farm
Adelsperger Orthodontics
La Scala Italian Bistro
SoZo Hair
Lebanon Ford
Muddy Misers
Rainbow Blossom
Bound and Loose Leaf
Comfort Systems USA
Best of Everything
Buffalo Wings & Rings
Alter Ego Comics
Mercy Health
Wyatt's Bar & Billiards
Super Muffler
Blue Agave Mexican Restaurant
Eyecare Specialties
Senora Bonita Mexican Restaurant
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